Click's Story

Click’s Story

Click Property Management is an independent property management company based in Dunedin. Their primary goal is to efficiently manage residential properties with integrity and transparency.

Andrea Elliott founded Click Property Management in February 2010 after identifying a gap in the residential property management market. Her goal was to create a point of difference - to improve the industry and to build a professional company that could provide exceptional quality through an innovative, customised property management service.

From humble beginnings, Click Property Management aspired to be the leader in their field. The business quickly took the market by storm and its bright pink marketing and branding is still well-recognised today!

Initially their goal was to manage 120 properties and within two years they were 275 percent ahead of this target. They are now Dunedin’s largest independent residential property management company.

Click has grown into a family company comprising of three family Directors, plus an additional four other employees.

Click Property Management are the 2016 Westpac Otago Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards winners for service to their industry.


Click’s Philosophy

  • To provide a good, honest value-for-money service.
  • To provide open communication and best practice procedures at all times.
  • To offer peace-of-mind by providing comprehensive management and proactive advice on all matters relating to your property.

Essentially, their objective is to assist you to develop a profitable property investment while providing you expert care!

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