Tenant FAQs

Tenant FAQs

  1. How often will you inspect my property?
  2. How do I report a maintenance issue?
  3. What am I responsible for?
  4. What is the owner responsible for?
  5. Can I break lease during a fixed term tenancy?
  6. What if we are a group of tenants in a jointly and severally liable tenancy?

How often will you inspect my property?

Click carries out inspections at regular intervals, as required by the landlord’s insurance company. This will be discussed during your sign up appointment. 

You will be sent text and email notification approximately one week prior to your inspection, giving notice of the date and approximate time of our visit.

Photographs of the property will be taken at these inspections to track the general condition of the property and of repairs and maintenance as required. A report of our visit will be sent on to the property owner. 

How do I report a maintenance issue?

Tenants are required to report all maintenance and/or repair work to Click when it happens and not at the end of the tenancy.

This can be reported 24/7 online through our TAPI concierge service.  This can be found on the main page of our website.

For after hours emergencies (ie. electricity, sewerage, plumbing, gas issues) please call our office number 03 4667783 for further instructions.

For fire or other emergencies please call 111.

(Please note that if you call a tradesperson out after hours and it is deemed not an emergency, you may be up for the after hours callout fees).

What am I responsible for?

As a tenant you are responsible for caring for the property to a clean and tidy standard for the full term of tenancy. This includes rectifying any damage that you or your guests, children and pets may have caused (whether accidental or not).

At the end of tenancy the property must be returned to the same condition - less fair wear and tear - as it was provided at the commencement of your tenancy.

It is the tenant’s responsibility to replace any blown light bulbs, cracked or broken windows, and blown fuses throughout the property. Tenants are also responsible for cleaning heat pump filters monthly and maintaining their gardens and lawns to an acceptable standard, as well as rubbish and general waste removal (including lawn clippings) fortnightly.

If you are ever unsure of who is responsible for the repair, please contact our office on 0800 125 425.

What is the owner responsible for?

The owner is responsible for the day to day; repairs to property, payment for rates, water charges (if on town supply) and insurance.

Day to day repairs include (and are not limited to) any building faults, plumbing, electrical, heating and general maintenance. 

Can I break lease during a fixed term tenancy?

In accordance with Section 66 of the Residential Tenancy Act 1986 fixed term tenancies are a legal agreement between both parties, for a specific length of time and cannot simply be ended with notice.

You may be able to break or end your lease early if a suitable replacement tenant can be found to take over your lease (that meets Click tenant criteria).

See Break Lease Procedure.

What if we are a group of tenants in a jointly and severally liable tenancy?

We ask the tenants to nominate one person to be "head tenant" who is the point of contact responsible for paying the rent and advising us of maintenance. It is our policy to only accept one full payment of rent each week (rather than individual tenants paying separate amounts).

Should any of the tenants living at the property change during the tenancy, they must complete a Tenancy Variation Agreement to reflect this change and Change of Bond form to remove their obligations from the tenancy, once approved by Click and remaining tenants. Any additional occupants must complete an application form and be approved to join the tenancy.

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