"The shift to Click was successful because they are imminently better at meeting our needs as the property owners than the previous property management firm we used. The major difference is that Click focus on achieving a good quality tenancy based on ensuring not only that the property is of a good standard and maintained at a good standard, but also that we as landlords have confidence that the property has reliable and trustworthy tenants and has a team that understand the value of the property now and in the future. I also find that I tend to trust the decisions and advice of the Click team – if something is urgent they will address it, if something should be considered they identify it. Our previous property managers were frequently unavailable, did not respond in a timely fashion, did not demonstrate a real concern for the property or for their relationship with us as the owners. The most significant improvement is the peace of mind that the property management partnership with Click gives to us. Few things are worse than stressing and worrying about a property that you are paying fees to have managed and paying much of your earnings into, and then having to do a substantial proportion of the thinking and legwork yourself. Have Click manage your property based on the full care package.  You won’t regret it."  Linda Chalmers


"I have owned property for over 15 year and have been looking for a property management firm for the past few years. I felt that I was unable to give my investments the time and effort that was required and as the different laws regarding property changed I wanted a team that had the knowledge and expertise to deal with all the changes. Click was recommended to me and I was so pleased with them that I gave them all of my properties to manage. The team work very well together and are very professional and efficient with any issues that arise. Having Click take over my investments was the best thing I could have done. It gave me peace of mind that they care about my properties as much as I do."  Sarah Barton


" I have found Andrew and Andrea Elliott’s Click Property Management service extremely professional. I live far from Dunedin and appreciate the communication and high quality of service I have received. I had a problem with one of my flats for several years and it is only since the team at Click got on to the job that I finally have the flat running well. I’d like to add that the tradesmen you employ have been excellent, I really appreciated the time Geoff and you spent with me getting the moisture master up and running and the fact that Geoff looked at the whole job noting that I had no insulation in the roof etc (little things I don’t know). I also enjoyed you and Andrea going through with me what you would expect in a ‘clean flat’ and helping me sort mine out."  Cathy Hargraves



"Moving away from Dunedin and deciding to rent out my property I was referred to Click Property Management by a friend.  Understanding managing my property would be difficult I am pleased with my decision to allow Click to do that for me.  I found them very easy to talk to about the options I had in the early stages and they were very informative and kept me up to date with the tenant finding process allowing me to make the final decision as to whom I would let my property to. Since then I have found Click has lived up to their promises and am very pleased with their service in all aspects.  Payment of rent to me has always been on time and their statements are easily understood. Their inspection report is very comprehensive and even sent photos for me to look at.  Any issues that have arisen with my property have been rectified quickly and to both mine and the tenant’s satisfaction. Click has provided me with peace of mind about my property and I have no hesitation in recommending Click to anyone."  Philippa Corlett



"We live in Australia and own two rental properties in New Zealand. Andrew and Andrea at Click Property Management have been a shining light, since our first meeting with them. Although they were relatively new to the business, we chose them over more established companies, as we believed they had something more to offer. And we were right. All members of the team that we have had the pleasure of dealing with have been professional and proactive, going out of their way to look after our best interests as well as the tenants. We feel they are managing our investment in partnership with us, and they could teach our property managers in the North Island a great deal. Click Property Management have also provided us with valuable advice and insight on future investments. We highly recommend Click Property Management to other investors, or people simply looking to rent out a property. Their professionalism and integrity, and their service has always exceeded our expectations. Thank you. We wish you every success, and look forward to seeing your business develop."  D.S Sangha & K. M Sangha






"My husband and I thought we would take the time to send a brief email to you to let you know how highly we have rated the service given by your employee Samantha Stevenson. Customer friendly, focused with great listening skills and prompt to deliver. We have been tenant for a few years and I have previously been a landlord and unfortunately it is not all too often I have come across people in the field who seem as genuine and wanting to get the right solution for a customer as we have found in Sam. We wish her well in her future work and are most pleased that we chose your company to come to for our new home and have found your website and forms etc very easy to use, and especially that we got Sam." Sarah




"Just wanted to say thanks to Laura and AJ and the team at CLICK property management for their excellent, friendly and professional service. I had a very positive experience when renting a property with CLICK.
They were considerate and efficient consistently.I would have no hesitation in recomending them or using their service again."  
Cherie Johnson




"Our first ever experience with any Rental Letting company has been with Click Property Management – and what a thoroughly professional experience that has been. From our initial contact, to meeting with their representative, to visiting their office, to their communication and follow-up – the entire experience has been incredibly thorough and polished. Should we ever be in a position to offer recommendation, we would do so very willingly and without hesitation."  Angus Family



"I was looking for furnished accommodation in Dunedin and was put in touch with Click Property Management. I quickly knew that I had found someone in the rental business that understood exactly what it was I wanted, where and at what price. When, after just a few short emails, I arrived in Dunedin, the Property Manager was there to meet me, contract in hand and everything clean and tidy. And it’s been that way ever since. Our Property Manager checks up on us, though not too often to be intrusive. And she is easy to get hold of by phone or email. It has been a painless six months. I’m back down here again soon and I will definitely be contacting Click for accommodation first and foremost."  Geoff Conway



The Property Management game is undeniably a lot of hard work, sometimes without reward, often with a bit of grief and not so much gratitude. Then you get a lovely email from a tenant that makes your day and the effort is all worth it. This is a property that we have had the last couple of years, however the owner decided they wanted a change to greener pastures - another agency! Here is what our lovely tenant emailed me after she was informed of the change: 

"I would like to say you have been very helpful and informative in all dealings with you during both processes for my son and now my mother.  I found you to be warm and friendly to deal with making both rental transactions an easy process which can sometimes be quite stressful.  I wish Click Property Management all the best in future dealings."  Jane Brown


"When we arrived in Dunedin, I contacted Click Property Management to try and locate a home for my family. Our previous rental was unsuitable and we were desperately in need of a quality home. Andrea and the other staff at Click were extremely pleasant, knowledgeable, and efficient, and managed to locate a fantastic home for us within 24 hours! The house was in a great location, near the schools and all of the other services we required. I would highly recommend the team at Click Property Management as a great company to do business with here in Dunedin."  Michael Bolton



"Just wanted to provide positive feedback about your property manager. We have just signed a tenancy agreement with Click today and I just wanted to say that your process was a very positive experience for myself and my partner. As soon as we went for a viewing at the property your staff member was welcoming, enthusiastic, friendly and helpful towards us and very knowledgeable about the property. This was a relief as we have been looking for the right property for months and have had to deal with a number of property managers (not with Click), which we have found to be the opposite. I am very satisfied at your great customer service skills, as we went the extra mile in securing the property for us, which is greatly appreciated by us both. Thank you for the great staff that you have at Click, I will recommend your company to others. Looking forward to being tenants under your management."  Kelly, Sam & Bella




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