DCC Kerbside Collection Changes

The DCC is changing the days for kerbside recycling and rubbish collections in Dunedin's student area, which will have an impact Click’s tenants in the student area.

DCC Kerbside Collection Changes

These changes are being implemented by the DCC as part of their efforts to maintain a cleaner and safer environment, in line with the collaborative Sophia Charter initiative.


Starting from July 4th, the collection day in the student area will be shifted from Mondays to Tuesdays. Please refer to the map below to identify the specific student area affected by these changes. We strongly advise you to place your blue and yellow recycling bins as well as your rubbish on the kerb by 7am on Tuesday. Additionally, we recommend bringing them back off the kerb by 7pm on the same day.


Recycling and rubbish will now be collected on a weekly basis, allowing you to place both your yellow and blue recycling bins, along with your rubbish, for collection every week.


To access information regarding bin collection days, acceptable items for recycling bins, and more, you can download the DCC Kerbside Collections app from Google Play or the App Store.


If you have any questions regarding the changes in kerbside collection, please feel free to contact the DCC at 03 477 4000 or email them at Alternatively, you can reach out to your property manager for assistance.


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