DCC Rubbish and Recycling Collection Changes

As many of you, our owners, do not live in Dunedin, you may not be aware of the pending changes to rubbish collections next year. So, we thought we would give you the heads up, in case you need to budget for this. We are also keeping this front of mind for rent increases, on your behalf.

DCC Rubbish and Recycling Collection Changes

Recent announcements have been made regarding the change to the DCC rubbish and recycling collection services, which are scheduled to be implemented from July 2024.

Currently, the property owner pays around $106 for blue and yellow recycling bins, and tenants (in the main) in rental properties pay for the collection of their personal household rubbish. With the new DCC rubbish and recycling collection services changes, the property owner will instead pay a flat rate for four rubbish and recycling collection bins, ranging between $320 and $340. The confirmed rates should be available by February 2024.

The main changes include the introduction of a food scraps bin and replacing black DCC bags with rubbish wheelie bins.

The new service will include the following:

There is a further option to have an additional garden waste bin (240 litres), collected fortnightly, costing between an additional $140 and $180. However we do not see this as a property owner expense with rental properties.

Properties will be informed about the bins their homes will receive later this year.

For more information visit the DCC website:

Please feel free to contact our office to discuss this, should you have any questions on how this may affect your rental property.


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