Condensation & Mould Control

Helpful Tips to ensure your home is kept warm, dry and mould free.

Condensation & Mould Control

A dry, well-aired home is easier to heat and healthier for you and your family.

Condensation is caused when warm water vapour in the air hits a non-absorbent cold surface such as a window, wall, ceiling, vanity top etc. It can happen to any home regardless of its age or how it was built. 

If not kept under control this can grow into mould which can cause serious health issues for everyone living in the property.

Humans produce 500ml to 800ml of moisture a day through respiration and perspiration.

Some Tips for Condensation Control:

Removing and Preventing Mould: 

To protect your health and that of your family, remove mould as soon as it appears. 
You could use diluted household bleach (one part bleach with three parts water mixed together), or a less abrasive cleaner like cider vinegar. Your supermarket will have a range of eco-friendly cleaners available, which may be more suitable for you and your home. 
Use a clean sponge or cloth when washing off mould and rinse it often to reduce the risk of it spreading. Wear gloves at all times for your own health and safety. 

If you or any members of your family sleep on a mattress on the floor, this will cause moisture and dampness to become trapped underneath. This dampness may cause health problems for you and your family, as well as potentially causing damage to the floor, which you will ultimately be responsible for. 

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