Fire Safety Tips

At Click Property Management, tenant safety is our top priority, and we strive to ensure that tenants are well-informed about minimising the risk of fires in their homes. As Dunedin experiences colder weather, the use of heating sources becomes more prevalent increasing the potential for accidental fires. Read on to discover valuable tips on reducing the risk of fire in your home.

Fire Safety Tips

Dryers: If you have a dryer, regularly clean out the lint traps to prevent the accumulation of lint, which can pose a fire hazard. We also recommend opening a window if you have a dryer that vents into a room to reduce any moisture.

Heaters: Refrain from placing clothes, towels, or any other items over a heater to dry them. Maintain a clear space of 1 meter around the heater while it is in use, especially radiant heaters. Plug heaters directly into a wall socket to prevent electrical overloads. Avoid positioning heaters in high traffic areas to minimize the risk of them being knocked over, and always supervise children when heaters are in use.

Cooking: Never leave cooking unattended, especially when using the stove or oven. Ensure all cooking appliances are turned off once you have finished using them, and make sure that no flammable items are left near the appliances.

Smoke alarms: If your smoke alarm emits a constant beeping sound (indicating a low battery) or seems to be malfunctioning, inform your property manager. Click’s rental properties now have 10-year photoelectric smoke alarms, so if the alarm is faulty, contact your property manager. Regularly test smoke alarms by pressing the test button to ensure they sound properly.

Electric blankets: Always switch off your electric blanket before going to sleep and if you get a second hand electric blanket, make sure it has been safety tested.

Power boards: If you are using a multiple outlet power board as a power source for your electric blanket or any appliances, please use a one with a surge protection button to reduce risk of an overload and potential electrical fire.

Candles: Avoid leaving candles unattended in a room. Always extinguish them before leaving a room or going to bed. Place candles on stable surfaces, using a glass dish or plate underneath if they are placed on wooden tables.

Evacuation plan: In the unlikely event of a fire, have an evacuation plan in place so that every member of the household knows what to do. Familiarise yourself with the nearest exits and keep your keys accessible before going to bed.


Implementing these measures will help to minimise the risk of fires and promote a safer living environment. Don’t hesitate to get in contact with your property manager if you have any questions or concerns, especially about smoke alarms or heating sources.

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