Hold On To Your Rental Property

Last year, the sale of an investment property would yield a high return, but the market is shifting drastically and the same can not be said for current times. If you own an investment property and are tossing up whether to sell it, our advice would be to hold off for the moment.

Hold On To Your Rental Property

House prices are continuing to fall across all of New Zealand, and Dunedin is no exception. While nationally the country’s average home value dropped by 1%, Dunedin’s average dropped by 3.4% (and in some areas as much as 8.1%), the ODT outlines. Valuers estimate that the worst may be yet to come.

Many factors are contributing to the rise and fall of the housing market and its ongoing instability. A Stuff article describes the level of housing market volatility as the highest in 30 years, and this is what is causing the market downturn to snowball as the weakness works its way up to higher-end properties. (Stuff, 2022) Furthermore “rising interest rates, affordability constraints and a tightening of lending criteria was now beginning to impact on home values much further up the ladder.” (ODT, 2022)

As the market shifts, it may be a significant amount of time before homeowners are able to receive at or above market prices for their investment properties. However, our advice is to not settle for below market prices and instead, hold on to your investment while house prices plateau.

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