Insulation Fines are a Fact

First landlords fined for breaching insulation laws - with more to come

Insulation Fines are a Fact

The ODT reported 6th August 2019 (online) an article covering “First landlords fined for breaching insulation laws”.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Rest assured there will be many more. The maximum fine being $4,000.

There will be many landlords out there with the “she’ll be right” attitude, but unfortunately that doesn’t wash.

Article quote. “There are currently dozens of claims going through the courts against landlords who have failed to properly insulate homes”

We have of late as a company received multiple requests from MBIE to supply tenancy agreements, smoke alarm and insulation statements of compliance to ensure that our managed properties comply.

I personally had to let 2 property owners go recently that failed to meet the 1st July 2019 insulation deadline. The risk to me and my company is too great and not how I want to operate.

Here is the link to the full article:

So, I urge everyone to ensure that your properties are compliant, if you have any questions about insulation, Healthy Homes Standards, or anything to do with rental properties in Dunedin please do not hesitate to contact Click Property Management on 03 466 7783 or email


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