Click's Online Property Viewing System Explained

Click Property Management's online property viewing booking system achieves amazing results!

Click's Online Property Viewing System Explained

Attention all Landlords!!! 

Do you want less vacancy…more rent…more tenants…better returns? Click has the solution with their state of the art online booking system for prospective tenants. 

How does it work?

Our custom built database allows us to look ahead and see how many people have registered to view your property. This information allows us to tailor strategies to ensure your property is rented as quickly as possible.

We make it easy for prospective tenants to inspect your property, meaning you are more likely to convert the enquiry to a potential tenant. We have access to accurate, real time data about the amount of interest in your property, while our competitors wait and hope! 

Check this amazing renting tool out for yourself under a current house we have available HERE

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