Renters' Insurance

Following the recent floods and current cyclone hitting the upper North Island, we wanted to remind our tenants about the importance of having renters insurance.

Renters' Insurance

At Click Property Management, we recommend that all of our landlords insure their homes with landlord insurance, and we also encourage our tenants to have renters’ insurance. Landlord insurance covers damages, repair, intentional damage, and legal liability to the rental property. However, this does not insure tenant belongings in a rental. It is the tenant’s responsibility to insure all of their personal belongings.

Renters insurance covers damages or loss in cases of natural disasters such as storms, flooding, earthquakes as well as theft and vandalism. The importance of this is stressed even more with unforeseen, disastrous Auckland floods that have left thousands of homes destroyed and uninhabitable.

Renters’ insurance can start from $25 per month, depending on the value of personal belongings and your selected excess amount. Get a quote online with your chosen insurance company in just 5 minutes. If you currently have another insurance policy with a company, there are often package deals that will reduce your monthly premium. Additionally, renters’ insurance deals are often offered to students. It can be a small price to pay to have a sense of security that your valuable personal items will be covered in natural disasters or instances of theft.

Contact your insurance company for more information or search online to find a company and policy that best suits your needs for renters’ insurance as they often offer a range of cover and packages.

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