Government Changes to Safe Methamphetamine Levels

There have been changes to safe methamphetamine levels in Residential Properties. See below.

Government Changes to Safe Methamphetamine Levels


It was released earlier today by Standards New Zealand that the safe level for methamphetamine contamination found in properties has been increased from 0.5 micrograms to 1.5 micrograms per 100cm2 of area tested.


Standards New Zealand manager Carmen Mak has also said the new standard will address concern on the safety of occupants in houses where meth has been detected, as well as providing a benchmark for the industry. Giving peace of mind, not only to owners of rental properties but also to tenants living in a rental property.

“Application of the standard will provide assurance that activities such as screening, sampling, testing, assessing, and decontamination of contaminated properties, and disposal of their contents, are carried out in accordance with good practice.”


The new “safe” level will be standard across the board, no matter if it is a house being tested as an initial screen or after a full clean-up is required after a house is found to be contaminated.


The Standard will also require all tests to be completed by accredited operators who have completed required training and assessment courses. By only having accredited testers, will also mean that there is consistency throughout the industry.


Minister Nick Smith has also stated that there will be changers to the Residential Tenancy Amendment Bill (No 2), which is currently making its way through parliament. What does this mean to you as an owner? We will now have the right to test for meth and enable tenancy agreements to be terminated (through application to the Tenancy Tribunal) when the levels are determined to be found unsafe.

“For many people, including Tenancy Tribunal adjudicators, any level of contamination is toxic. That is not the case. The new 1.5 level is conservative – and it is safe. There are likely to be higher levels on bank notes.”


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