Tenancy Compliance & Investigations

Is your rental property legally compliant as per MBIE requirements?

Tenancy Compliance & Investigations

The Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment (MBIE) have set up a tenancy compliance and investigations team to carry out investigations on compliance of landlords in relation to the Residential Tenancies Act.

This is no joke!

They are actively writing to landlords both privately and professionally managed.

At Click we have received multiple requests from MBIE recently, asking for documentation to them to support that the properties that we are managing are compliant with; an insulation statement including proof, smoke alarm information/declarations, copies of compliant tenancy agreements.

So, if people are privately managing properties and unless you are fully up to speed with your legal requirements you could be at risk of some hefty fines.

This is a wakeup call for all property owners, to ensure that all rental property(s) meet legal requirements – as they mean business. 

At Click Property Management we insist that the properties we manage meet compliance – for everyone’s safety. We spend a lot of time and resource on making sure that we know the law, and also implement it.

For more information you can contact the team at Click or go to the MBIE tenancy compliance and investigations team web page  Or, if you’re not a Click customer already and want your property managed by an award winning professional property management company, contact Click today!

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