When Should You Hire a Property Manager?

Professional property managers act on behalf of property owners and help with a variety of tasks, from finding tenants to handling maintenance and repairs. But when should you consider hiring a property manager? Here are some situations where a property manager may be beneficial.

When Should You Hire a Property Manager?

  1. You own multiple rental properties or units - Managing multiple units or properties can be daunting especially if you are already working full time. Property managers have experience looking after a portfolio of properties and manage the day to day tasks, freeing up property owners’ spare time. Click, Dunedin's top independent residential property management company, manages the largest portfolio of properties in Dunedin and we are experienced in managing many properties at any one time.


  1. You live far away from the rental property - It can be difficult to manage a rental property that is far away. A property manager close to the property can take care of issues as they arise and ensure the property is well maintained. Click manages rental properties for local, national, and international property owners. If you own a rental property in Dunedin but live overseas, you are legally obliged to have a property manager in the local area. Property owners can have peace of mind knowing that Click’s property managers always have eyes on your property and can assist tenants when needed.


  1. You have limited time – Property Management tasks can be daunting. A property manager can take care of tasks from tenant screening, routines, rent collection, payments, maintenance requests and more. Property managers can alleviate stress from owners who have limited time. Click’s property managers also undertake regular training to stay up to date on the latest changes to regulations and laws, a task that can be time consuming for private landlords.


  1. You are not familiar with tenant laws and regulations - Laws and regulations such as the Residential Tenancies Act and Healthy Home standards can be challenging to navigate, especially with regular changes. Property managers are up to date on laws and regulations and will ensure your property is compliant. Click’s experienced team of property managers have decades of combined experience in this field and are well trained in all aspects of property regulations. We continuously attend trainings to keep our knowledge of changes to regulations up to date.


  1. You want to maximise rental income - Property managers can set competitive rental rates, market your property, and minimise vacancy periods to maximise your rental income. Many privately managed properties are rented under market value. Property managers can provide an accurate rental appraisal to ensure owners are receiving market rent for their property and competitive within the market. Click's sophisticated CRM system enables us to provide precise appraisals for Dunedin rentals and set rents that align with the market.


  1. You want a cost-effective property management solution - Even though some individuals may underestimate the value of hiring a property manager, the higher rental income that property managers can secure for property owners can offset their fees. Additionally, property management fees are generally claimable expenses. Property managers also serve as representatives for property owners in situations such as tenant disputes or insurance claims. Employing a property manager can be a cost-efficient option for property owners who might otherwise face greater expenses.



Hiring a property manager can be a wise decision for property owners who want to save time, reduce stress, and maximise their rental income.

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